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We invite you to participate in the three main topics in the world of computer graphics, text and information. All during the same week! From 24 to April 28, 2001 until the very end of the world. This I, Malofiej invite my friends to discuss: (1) Graphics, such as best graphics on a website, (2) Content, such as most informative and helpful sites, and (3) Alternative online news such as pro free market news, international tort and property law news, . Of course, we put an emphasis on how we can we assist Latinas and others in getting the best help for their online experience. So SHOW DO NOT TELL! This International Workshop for Professionals site, will help guide you in your Computer experience.

SND Latina The Best of Newspaper of its Kind By Design

From mail to dispatch, professionals and consumers want the very best. Why be a member of SND? It is is an investment in your career. Prospective clients come here. We offer a local directory of professionals and links to other sites of interest as well. Discuss the ramifications of online defamation and the Internet Privacy Act with, personal injury law matters. or even things like fiddling the best rental car for a traveling Salvadorian, or other vulnerable Latina.

Because of You We Are Able to Offer These Online Free Magazines of the SND

* Each year we archive the site into a book then we look at the alternative news sites that offered the “The Best of Newspaper Design”, online, we hope to achieve over 250 pages of user reviews and comments in full color with the winners of annual awards to the best designs of newspapers. SND Latina is here for the consumer and professional alike in reaching out to the Hispanic community.