A Link Between Traumatic Brain Injury And Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Auto Accident Victims

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We wanted to give a shout out to Matt Dolman. As a Florida lawyer, he sees a lot of those in the Chicano and Cuban communities who need a good personal injury attorney. Se we asked him his thoughts on brain injuries and this is what he told us. A series of recently published studies suggest that individuals who suffer even a mild traumatic brain injury are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder and should take precautions to avoid stressful situations for at least a finite period of time. The motivation behind this research was to determine the correlation between a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. The reasons for this correlation are still unknown to many medical practitioners.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a persistent and highly devastating condition that affects approximately 8% of the general population in the US and 15% to 30% in specific high-risk groups. It is defined as an anxiety disorder pertaining to four individual criteria’s: 1) exposure to or witnessing of an event that is threatening to one’s well-being; 2) symptoms of re-experiencing, such as disturbing memories, nightmares, a sense of reliving the trauma, or psychological and physiological distress when reminded of the trauma; 3) avoidance of thoughts, feelings, or reminders of the trauma, and inability to recall parts of the trauma, withdrawal, and emotional numbing; and 4) arousal, as manifested in sleep disturbance, irritability, difficulty concentrating, or heightened startle response. These symptoms must cause marked impairment in functioning and persist for at least one month post trauma.

In the US alone, the estimated annual rate for TBI is 220 cases per 100,000 people. It is often accompanied by post traumatic amnesia regarding events that occurred both after the injury and immediately prior to it. Some researchers have argued that limited awareness at the time of the trauma makes it less likely that traumatic memories can be fixed and that, as a result, these memories remain unavailable for the mediation of re-experiencing symptoms. PTSD or acute stress disorder cannot be diagnosed. For example, in a study of 47 patients with moderately severe TBI, none fully met the criteria for PTSD: despite reporting partial PTSD symptoms—particularly, symptoms of avoidance and arousal—none endorsed symptoms of re-experiencing.

As a Florida traumatic brain injury attorney, I not only focus on the impact that the closed head trauma has on my client but his family as well. Brain injuries are inherently difficult claims due to the expenses associated with litigating such expert laden cases along with the fine detail that goes into effectively presenting such a cause of action. Many law firms advertise or hold themselves out as brain injury advocates when in truth they often lack experience handling such a niche and fluid area of the law and medicine. At Dolman Law Group, we routinely handle closed head injury/brain injury claims throughout the State of Florida and have been retained by other lawyers to co-counsel such cases. If you have any questions concerning a head injury claim, please contact Dolman Law Group at: (727) 451-6900. – Matthew A. Dolman, Esq.

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Motorist Flees Crash with Guitar Later Arrested

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December 13, 2011 – I was surfing online and saw a pretty grim news report with a strange twist. So I decided to write about it. According to reports the driver of a vehicle that crashed and fled the scene carrying a guitar, but was later arrested. According to California Highway Patrol Officer Denise Quesada the collision occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. in the westbound lanes of the 22 Freeway at Euclid Street. CHP Officer Quesada stated that the driver fled the scene carrying a guitar after crashing into the center divider in the westbound lanes of the 22 Freeway.

According to the Garden Grove Police the driver was later detained on the freeway at Trask Avenue and Harbor Boulevard, after receiving a description of the man from the California Highway Patrol of a man walking with a guitar. The California Highway later arrested the man. The crash blocked the No. 1 and 2 westbound lanes of the 22 Freeway, while CHP officers investigated the scene of the crash. I hope this guy doesn’t need a personal injury lawyer, because I doubt they would want the case. But then I said, wait a minute, maybe a person was hurt he crashed. There was not enough info to tell. So I did some more research to see who takes these car crashes as lawyers.

I went to Google and did a search for car accident attorneys in the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas. I was looking for an experienced and aggressive lawyer. I found a former United States Marine named Michael Ehline. I read his bio and figured I would write about him here. His name is Michael Ehline. If you were seriously injured in Northern or Southern California, I recommend you contact them at: 50 Francisco Street, Suite 460 San Francisco, CA 94133 USA +1.415.684.7688.
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Above is the map to the Ehline Law Firm PC location in Los Angeles, but they can serve Redondo Beach, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Laguna Niguel, San Bernardino and Riverside cities like Corona, California. Check em out.

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Divorce Rate Drops but not for Baby Boomers

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How many times have we heard about how the baby boomers have changed things? They wanted to change the world in the 1960’s, they wanted to bring peace and love to mankind. Then they traded their bell-bottoms for business suits and work clothes and joined the capitalists. Women joined the work force in record numbers.  Here in Oahu and there on Maui that has really happened, for instance.

Yes, they (the boomers in question) have wanted it all, and they still do. A large number of boomers own 1 or more second homes or similiar pieces of real estate, for example. Jeff Kunerth, writing for the Orlando Sentinel, posted the story yesterday, December 14, 2011, under the title, “Aging baby boomers boost divorce rate among older adults.” Kunerth says  that although the general divorce rate in the United States has fallen, the divorce among 50 to 64 year-olds has shot up. It is really something. Here in Hawaii, for example, you see a lot of Oahu Real estate (Read more about Oahu Real estate), and likewise Maui properties that are a result of a divorce overall, as a broad example. It just seems the family law and divorce lawyer firms are doing good, at least here in Seattle and Bellevue.

No, we don’t think of oldsters getting divorced, starting all over, but the boomers are changing that, just as they changed so many other social norms. Kunerth tells the story of Lucie Elmer, who married young, got a divorce and remarried. The second marriage lasted 28 years, but then Lucie got her second divorce.
Lucie Elmer, age 54, was quoted by Kunerth as saying, “Even though I was a very independent person, when it came to being divorced at this age, now it’s just you. It’s frightening and exciting.” A friend of mine lost some of his Oahu and Maui Real Estate (Source) in this kind of a situation.

Kunerth also quoted Susan L. Brown, co-director of the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green University in Ohio, as saying, “(we used to think those) ‘Older (folks), they don’t get divorced. Now one in four people getting divorced is over the age of 50. In 1990, it was less than one in ten (overall).”

Kunerth notes Brown’s research discovered that the divorce rate for those 50 to 64 rose from 6.9 divorces per 1,000 marriages in 1990 to 12.6 in 2009, while the overall divorce rate in the United States fell from 18.95 to 17.92. We all know older couples who seem to merely endure their marriages. It’s a new paradigm in thinking ; women are more independent and both sexes want the most out of all the years of their lives. Well I am off to Seattle.

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